Re-enchanting Christianity

reenchantingMany, locked into interpretations of Christianity that they can no longer accept, have given up on the Church altogether. But is re-enchantment possible in our post-modern, post-Christian age? In this original and exciting follow-on book, Dave Tomlinson [the vicar of St. Luke’s, West Holloway, London] explores how Christianity, once deconstructed, can become credible again. Re-enchantment is not a return to credulity or an attempt to recapture lost innocence, but it is finding a realistic faith that reconciles heart and head, that offers a positive, engaging spirituality, that is unafraid of grappling honestly with difficult questions. He explores key components of Christian belief – God, sin, the Bible, resurrection, the Church, mission, prayer and more – and asks how they can be understood in deeper, more meaningful ways.

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